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Sticky Bolt Problem - Smooth and polish the bolt and receiver to eliminate bolt problems.


Chambering Cleaning and Polish - Chamber is cleaned and polished. This will make the shell extract better, and will remove chamber imperfections. It will also stop the shell from getting stuck in the chamber.


Stock Barrel Finishing


Treading the Barrel

 Heavy Barrel Installation -  Install the barrel back onto the receiver on either the hex or round barrel.



Heavy Barrel Shortening - Shorten the barrel to your length. No less than 16". As measures from the bolt face.



Barrel Threading (Full Length) - Thread the barrel to accommodate any muzzle brakes or ? Please specify the threads you want.


Barrel Crowning - Crown the barrel to either  standard, or target.



Bedding - Receiver is bedded to the stock you supply. No modification to the stock.



Barrel Floating - The barrel is floated to your stock.



Bent Bolt Install (Finished) - Bent bolt is install and finished at the original location at either 0, 10 or 30 degrees.


Timney Trigger Install - Your supplied Timney trigger is fitted to your stock.


Scope Mounting (2 Holes) - Any 2 hole scope mounted to your receiver or barrel.



Scope Mounting (3 holes or Rock Solid) Any 3 hole scope is mounted to you receiver. Such as the Rock Solid.


Scope Mount Blueing - Your barrel/receiver, scope and mounts are lapped, trued, and mounted. All that you will need to do is adjust the field length and zero it in



 Barrel Finishing  - Barrel is finished that will be ready for bluing. All imperfections are removed.


Blue Printing and Truing the Action - Action is blue printed and trued to your barrel.














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